Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Yet more pics from the garden!

More Garden Photos

Further along more planting and other things.

Kids even got to help!

Memorial Garden

These are the beginning photos of the memorial garden we got for Kali and the others killed in the tragic accident!

This is the benches!

This one is the full view prior to any planting or anything. Kali's side is the Left one.

I will post more pics soon of the finished project. Accept there will be much more flowers next spring!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today is the first day of my new JOB!

I have started babysitting today! I will be babysitting for a mom who works at a pre-school so the hours work out pretty nice! I will be working when my kids are in school and off when they are off. I will have a 6mo baby, a 3 yo girl and 4yo boy. The older 2 won't be all the time though. I will have Friday's off too. I really am looking forward to the extra money! It will help with our new vehicle payment and such. Anyway here I go on my new adventure! I will get my baby fix for a while so I don't feel that tugging again! LOL! Plus I will get to wear a baby again too. I only wear Ethan when it's a necessity anymore, he is too heavy.