Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wow it's been a LONG time since I have done this.. Facebook has taken me over!!

Well not much to talk about honestly, just hoping to figure out how to upload some pics or something but I think my camera it too nice for my computer! LOL! Hopefully I can figure it out. so that's all for now.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Alexis' giving spirit is shinning through too!

The other day Jeremy had a meeting in DesMoines and the kids were on spring break so the kids and I went with. Gave me some "out of the house" time and got to enjoy some new things with the kids, and shop of course! Anyway... we were at the mall and I decided to let the kids go in Build-a-bear! I was just going to have them look around but then Mark wanted this tiny lil stuffed animal for $5. So I thought hey why not. So I told the kids they could each spend $5.

Well, after MUCH deliberation they had mostly come up with what they all wanted. Then Alexis got to thinking... she realized.. Mark doesn't have a Build-a-bear at all and I have 2! Hannah has 1. So if we all pool our $ Mark will be able to get a Build-a-bear like the rest of us. So she began her campaign for Mark's Build-a-bear. Ethan was easily convinced.. Hannah not so much! LOL! But she sold mom! LOL!

Anyway to make a really long story short. I felt very blessed by her giving attitude and willingness to give up what she could have had to get her brother something that I decided to get the kids all something anyway! I was greatly blessed to see her maturity in the situation!

I will post a pic of the kids and what they got as soon as I can get them together to do the pic!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ethan's new cute saying!

We will ask Ethan if Mark is "pretty" and he will say, "No he's a BOY!" Do the same for Alexis, "YEH, she's a Goyle" Go through everyone we know and he is spot on with the boys and girls and all the boys he will say are Handsome, and goyles are pretty! He Blows us away everyday. Then he knows how old all his siblings and himself are. But if you put him on the spot in front of ppl he will say they are all 2! ;)

Horton Hears a WHO!

I could not believe the wisdom and conviction of this young girl! Had to share this video with you all! God will use the lil ones!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Had to share my daughter's giving spirit with you all!

As you all know it's valentines day tomorrow! Well at school they had a valentines party. Hannah got all sorts of valentines from friends along with candy, she has been giving all she has to her siblings and us. It just blows me away! She will say, "Lex I know you like Hannah Montana" and will give it to her! Whatever it is. Or if it's like star wars she will give it to Mark. I am blown away at how giving she has been. We don't give our kids much candy so when they get it they usually HOARD it! LOL! I am so proud of her!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Kali!

Kali would have been 19 today! We all miss her dearly! But at her mom's request we are going to "celebrate" her birthday today by remembering the wild, crazy, fun things we all did together! Let her memory live on! LUV YOU Kali!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Oh, MAN!"

Recently Ethan has started this silly thing where he will say, "Oh MAN!" with this tone is his voice that would make anyone laugh! He will say it when you tell him to come here for any number of reasons... then slowly but surely he comes. I told him the other day to come here so I could change his diaper... "Oh, MAN!" he says. Then half stomps over. He gets this half crooked grin now though, because he gets a rise out of me or whoever is paying attention. He is going to be the class clown I think! He knows how to "work a crowd".

I am posting this because I want to know how you all spent Valentine's Day?

Just share a lil bit about what you did for valentines day, I am very interested to see what others do on this special day??? Spare me the juicy details(if there are any). I'll post mine too when the day is all said and done. ;)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Facebook Group I just joined!

I just joined a new facebook group! YAY! Wegscheid's of the World (WOW) Check it out if you have a chance. Hoping to get all sorts of relatives on there!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, and FYI, Idol is on again~

I am embarking on a new season of Idol. I am not as into it this year as I was last year. Although the auditions can be quite amusing. I am hoping that it is a good season. I loved the other day when it was on they were playing "I can only imagine" Yay for Idol! I am rooting for "Lil Rounds" hence her name. I don't know if there is any relation but it's cool to have someone on there with my last name! She can BELT IT OUT! Man can she sing! I am not saying she is the best, just that I am rooting for her! Anywho... enough about Idol for now.

How are all of you doing on your New Years resolutions?

Well, I am curious to how all of you are doing on your new years resolutions? I have been doing really good on one! I have not watched a single soap since the new year! YAY ME! Um as far as the bible reading I am doing ok, I have been chugging away. I don't do so hot when I wait till evening to read, which is the best time for hubby and I to do it together. But pray for me in that area. I am trying. Um and on the weight thing, well I think I have lost a pound, MAYBE? Still trying hopefully it will all work out. I need to lose some of this "baby fat"! LOL the question is when officially do we have to stop calling it "baby fat"? N E way tell me how all of you are doing on your resolutions?

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Look at Life!

Since my MIL passed I have been thinking a lot! A whole lot about eternity! And about how I want to live my life from this point on. I thought I would share some of the things I have been thinking about.

I have decided that I NEED to put GOD #1 in my life! Yes I have claimed to do this in the past(and have honestly made an effort at it, with lots of failures), but I am really sincerely devoted now! I have never been this determined before. I am going to try to make every decision according to what I know HE wants me to do. I have been struggling with a few issues in my life lately, some of which I have to quit, some of which I need to be better at doing! (such as reading my Bible)! I would covet your prayers in this time!

I have never looked at life this way before. I have decided that there is NOTHING on this earth that is worth going to HELL over! NOTHING AT ALL! I don't care what it is that God may "ask" me to give up! I am HIS! I want to make it to HEAVEN! I have never had that ASSURED feeling before. I always thought that people who claimed that were ridiculously arrogant! But when God says something He means it. In the scripture there is a verse that states that we can KNOW we have eternal life! (I Jn 5:13) So obviously I was missing something! It's not arrogance at all to KNOW that God is right. IT'S FAITH! I believe with all my heart that we can KNOW we are saved by believing God's word, and obeying what it says! I think that before I had things in my life that were between Him and I and that was why I didn't KNOW! Things that I wouldn't give up. Things that were holding me back! Not that I was a "horrible wicked" person, just that I wasn't SOLD OUT for God! Not whole heartily devoted to HIM! I honestly believe that my life will change tremendously. I think that not only with the changes that I am going to make, there will be changes in my family life because of it and my marriage as well! GOD IS GOOD!

I think God has been working on me for a LONG time and he has given me this new outlook for a reason! I am so excited about my future in Him!! Thanks for all of you that have prayed for me in the past, and I hope you will continue to do so!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pray for Kylen!

I babysit a 11 month old, Kylen, that is in the hospital for dehydration! He isn't doing well and they can't figure out what is wrong. He has had 27 poopy dipes in 1 day! Please pray for him. He tends to be in the hospital a lot for that. I will keep you updated on new news. Thanks in advance for your prayers!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Here is the receipt! it was amazing how awesome and that the coupons were so long!!

I had so many coupons and did so well I had to share!!

15 Electrosol (20 tabs per box, 5 of them had a bonus 5).. $3.25 Target match add and $2.50 cpn out of paper, on each of those.. making them .75 each!

8 Viva paper towel rolls.. $1 normal store price, had a .50 coupon they had at the door of store. Which made them .50.

20 Reeses whipped candy bars.. 2/$1 match ad from Walgreens and a coupon from paper for $1 off 2. WHICH MADE THEM FREE!

10 bags of Luden's cough drops... reg store price of $1.12 with a $1 off coupon from the paper. WHICH MADE THEM .12!!

6 Scott 4pk toilet paper for $2.68 store price and had a $1 off coupon!

10 Buddy Bars of soap for .97 at store price and had a $1 off coupon so they were paying me .03 cents to take them!!!

Let me know what you think????? I forgot to say my total before coupons was $103.73 after can redemption of 1.45+1.25+.90... I paid 27.39 out of pocket!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Deb's Memory Card from the funeral

For those of you who don't know.. My MIL passed away on Dec 31st at 5pm in the evening. She passed in her sleep. We were all thankful for that. She will be greatly missed! God has provided so greatly for us in this tough time. Thanks to all of you who prayed and provided support and love and a PLETHERA(JR's word) of FOOD! We are all so greatful for your support in this time.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My New Year's Challenge to U and Myself also!

I am making it my goal to read the Bible through in a year! Trying to read it Every Single Day in 2009! That will be a tough challenge for me! I have been trying to do this for years and always fail! So I am thinking if I post it on here and you all can hold me accountable and I can post things every now and then to see if you all are reading your Bible everyday! Please help me in my walk with Christ in this? We are also challenging Mark to read through the New Testament this year. Reading a little bit EVERY day also. Pray for our success in this as well, Please?

Above picture!

The above picture is Debbie(JR's mom) and his sister Lynzie as a baby! So adorable!