Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ethan's new cute saying!

We will ask Ethan if Mark is "pretty" and he will say, "No he's a BOY!" Do the same for Alexis, "YEH, she's a Goyle" Go through everyone we know and he is spot on with the boys and girls and all the boys he will say are Handsome, and goyles are pretty! He Blows us away everyday. Then he knows how old all his siblings and himself are. But if you put him on the spot in front of ppl he will say they are all 2! ;)

Horton Hears a WHO!

I could not believe the wisdom and conviction of this young girl! Had to share this video with you all! God will use the lil ones!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Had to share my daughter's giving spirit with you all!

As you all know it's valentines day tomorrow! Well at school they had a valentines party. Hannah got all sorts of valentines from friends along with candy, she has been giving all she has to her siblings and us. It just blows me away! She will say, "Lex I know you like Hannah Montana" and will give it to her! Whatever it is. Or if it's like star wars she will give it to Mark. I am blown away at how giving she has been. We don't give our kids much candy so when they get it they usually HOARD it! LOL! I am so proud of her!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Kali!

Kali would have been 19 today! We all miss her dearly! But at her mom's request we are going to "celebrate" her birthday today by remembering the wild, crazy, fun things we all did together! Let her memory live on! LUV YOU Kali!!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"Oh, MAN!"

Recently Ethan has started this silly thing where he will say, "Oh MAN!" with this tone is his voice that would make anyone laugh! He will say it when you tell him to come here for any number of reasons... then slowly but surely he comes. I told him the other day to come here so I could change his diaper... "Oh, MAN!" he says. Then half stomps over. He gets this half crooked grin now though, because he gets a rise out of me or whoever is paying attention. He is going to be the class clown I think! He knows how to "work a crowd".

I am posting this because I want to know how you all spent Valentine's Day?

Just share a lil bit about what you did for valentines day, I am very interested to see what others do on this special day??? Spare me the juicy details(if there are any). I'll post mine too when the day is all said and done. ;)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Facebook Group I just joined!

I just joined a new facebook group! YAY! Wegscheid's of the World (WOW) Check it out if you have a chance. Hoping to get all sorts of relatives on there!