Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hannah Got Stitches!

Well most of you may have already heard that Hannah got stitches, but I thought I would post pics of where exactly they are and such!

She actually got them out on Friday but won't get the butterfly strips off till they wear off! But I am afraid the wound will scar pretty bad.. we will see! A dear friend of mine suggested that I get Vit E gel caps and poke a hole directly on the wound to help it heal. I will post pics again when we get them off and again in a month or two to see how it heals. Pray for her. A scar like that on your face can hurt your self esteem down the road. Anyway just a mama's worries! LOL

For those who didn't hear, she was with a friend of mine at the park and slipped and hit her head on the steps and cracked it opened of coarse it was on a Sat and we were in MO so we had to go to the ER and that scared her more then actaully having it done. She was really brave! She only fussed a bit when tehy put the numbing shot in. Then she sat perfectly still the rest of them time! They swaddled her like a baby! She was so quiet on of the nurses thought she had fallen asleep!

I just hope she heals well without too much scarring! My brave lil Monkey!


JerseyNanny said... quiet they thought she had fallen asleep?!?!?! OUR HANNAH?!?!?! lol. WOW!!!!!!!!!

Angie said...

yep for sure!

Katie said...

I would second your friends advice vitamin E is wonderful stuff. Benjamin just got a very bad burn on his face. We put vitamin E on it several times a day and already the scar isn't noticable unless he is sweating. Andrew also had a cut on his face when he was little, And you can only see it when he is cold.