Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My own lil "shopping" saving spree!

I was so pumped last night. I have come in contact with a mom that has helped me with some saving tips. She found coupons online for $3 off of TGIF snack items! They retail for $3.12. But this week Wal*Mart had them on sale for $2.50! SO THAT MEANS THEY PAID ME $.50 TO TAKE THEM FROM THE STORE! I used the overage to pay for some much needed cereal along with coupons I had. So here is all I got: 39 TGIF snack items, 9 boxes of general mills cereal, one $3 clearance backpack (Lex's had broken zippers), and a $3.75 hoodie that was on clearance (for Mark for Christmas). The total before coupons was $125.19. After coupons I paid a whopping... $2.66!!! I was so excited and you should have seen JR's face when I walked in the door! He guessed that I paid around $40-$45! THANK YOU DESIREE!!!


Abbi said...

That is so fun!!

Desiree said...

Your welcome girl! I am so proud of you.