Thursday, February 19, 2009

Horton Hears a WHO!

I could not believe the wisdom and conviction of this young girl! Had to share this video with you all! God will use the lil ones!!!!


Keren said...

Wow. She is a really good speaker :)

DeJanee said...

The deliberately induced abortion simply to avoid the birth of an unwanted child is the willful taking of human life. In Psalm 139:13-16 For you yourself produced my kidneys; You kept me screened off in the belly of my mother. 14 I shall laud you because in a fear-inspiring way I am wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, As my soul is very well aware. 15 My bones were not hidden from you When I was made in secret, When I was woven in the lowest parts of the earth. 16 Your eyes saw even the embryo of me, And in your book all its parts were down in writing, As regards the days when they were formed And there was not yet one among them. If God views the baby as a life shouldn’t we all. Abortion is murder and the bible gives us guidelines on how we should respect life.
(Exodus 20:13) “You must not murder. Mothers should seriously consider the choices they make, and the video was very interesting it’s good to hear people speak against abortion, because life begins at conception.

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