Friday, March 27, 2009

Alexis' giving spirit is shinning through too!

The other day Jeremy had a meeting in DesMoines and the kids were on spring break so the kids and I went with. Gave me some "out of the house" time and got to enjoy some new things with the kids, and shop of course! Anyway... we were at the mall and I decided to let the kids go in Build-a-bear! I was just going to have them look around but then Mark wanted this tiny lil stuffed animal for $5. So I thought hey why not. So I told the kids they could each spend $5.

Well, after MUCH deliberation they had mostly come up with what they all wanted. Then Alexis got to thinking... she realized.. Mark doesn't have a Build-a-bear at all and I have 2! Hannah has 1. So if we all pool our $ Mark will be able to get a Build-a-bear like the rest of us. So she began her campaign for Mark's Build-a-bear. Ethan was easily convinced.. Hannah not so much! LOL! But she sold mom! LOL!

Anyway to make a really long story short. I felt very blessed by her giving attitude and willingness to give up what she could have had to get her brother something that I decided to get the kids all something anyway! I was greatly blessed to see her maturity in the situation!

I will post a pic of the kids and what they got as soon as I can get them together to do the pic!


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