Thursday, January 17, 2008

Organizing my scrapbook table!

Well I have been working on organizing my home.
This is my first step. I forgot to take before pics.
Just imagine it piled high witk misc. stuff. Papers,
a container that had beeds in it spilled all over
everything, ummm lots of papers from the kids'
school, stuff they had drawn and many other things!

These are just other angles of the same area!

I can't wait to scrapbook now!

Anyone else scrapbook?

I will now be attacking a few other key areas over the next

few weeks. I plan on posting before and after pics on these.


Abbi said...

Looks nice. Scrapbooking can be so messy!!

Angie said...

For sure. I have now scrapbooked at least 10 pages since I did this!