Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Our New Plan!

Well we have sceemed and plotted and sceemed and plotted to try to come up with a plan to get the kids interested in doing chores and helping out around the house. So here is what we came up with!! This is Mark's Chore chart!Here is the Girls' Lex on top and Hannah on bottom!
And here is their reward! They will earn "money" that they can go "buy" stuff at our store! It is at a highly inflated price, like $1 = $5 of play money! So they get $10 at the beginning of the week and if they do all their chores they get to keep all that (they can also loose it for misbehaving) if they do over and above they can earn more $. You get the idea!
I think the best part about it is I have bought a lot of these things on clearance for next to nothing! So it really isn't costing us much!
My fave is the bottom drawer which is filled with "coupons" They get to use when THEY want to, within reason obviously not right before bed!
They can also get candy too! This is where we store the "money" too!
I am really excited about this, I got the idea from Miranda! It has really helped to motivate the kids to make their beds and clean up after theirselves too! One of the BIG ones for Lex is if she goes a whole day and doesn't suck her thumb at all she will get $5 and get to spend it that day! (if she wants to) We normally plan on having store time on Sunday's probably after lunch! I am very excited at the potential to really get these kids motivated!


jessicalolene said...

very good idea. it is such a challenge getting kids to be motivated to clean....not much different than myself, I guess.

Katie said...

Benjamin certainly liked all your pictures of the kids Toys!! I tried emailing you yesterday, I have not been successful at leaving a comment yet. But if at first you don't succeed eventually you are going to have to give up!

Angie said...

Katie my Email is if you don't have it.

Abbi said...

I am sure that your kids will enjoy that plan. I hope it all works well for you!