Thursday, June 26, 2008

Mark's first year of camp! YAY!

Well, our oldest is getting so big, I can hardly believe he is old enough to go to Bible camp, but he is! YAY! We are leaving this Sunday to go to camp and will be back Friday! I am going with and planning to work in the kitchen! I am so excited. A friend of mine is keeping Hannah and Ethan for me so I can go and be there for her daughter and Mark. Also I am taking Lex with as well. She isn't old enough for camp but she can go and have fun and such with us. I hope it isn't too HOT! Pray for me, I am also going to be the dorm mom!


Abbi said...

Have lots of fun!! I have such great memories of being a camper and of helping in the kitchen and being a team helper.

Ang said...

I will try and make it out to see you. Right now I do not know what hours I will have Zoe. I am so excited for Mark. I loved helping with Junior week. Can you imagine being a camper.

Katie said...

Oh! that is going to be hot! Especially in the kitchen. The nice part is when you get out of the kitchen, it feels so nice and cool. Good luck dorm momming. That can be fun for some people, not me though!