Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oh, and FYI, Idol is on again~

I am embarking on a new season of Idol. I am not as into it this year as I was last year. Although the auditions can be quite amusing. I am hoping that it is a good season. I loved the other day when it was on they were playing "I can only imagine" Yay for Idol! I am rooting for "Lil Rounds" hence her name. I don't know if there is any relation but it's cool to have someone on there with my last name! She can BELT IT OUT! Man can she sing! I am not saying she is the best, just that I am rooting for her! Anywho... enough about Idol for now.


Angie said...

She is still in the top 36! YAY!

Angie said...

Still in the top 11!