Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sad days to come!

I am really bummed out! We found out not too long ago that some dear friends of ours are moving away! They are so special to us! Their teen daughters babysit for us. And their youngest daughter was in Mark's class last year. Also *mom* was a dear, dear friend of mine! We wish them all the luck in the world! They will really be missed in this house! *HUGS*


JerseyNanny said...

I can't believe Mark hit a grand slam! What is his ball schedule?

Ang said...

I am sorry that you are losing a friend there. Just when you found out that Tina and Joseph were moving back there to. Bummer!! I am sure that you all will keep in touch though and visit so don't to get to downhearted. love you

Angie said...

Kelly just moved here about 2 years ago and we hit it off pretty well. So it will be a big void! I hope that Creston will attract some new ppl soon. Plus her hubby was teaching my kids Chess and they were getting pretty good and now they won't have that help! bummer!

Kelly said...

Hi Angie,

I know we have been close friends, but just remember I am just a phone call away or an IM away. We can talk anytime. And with two of my kids still being there, I will be out there to visit periodically, so we will still be seeing and visiting each other. And you never know, I might just ask if I can stay with you all.

Love ya and miss ya dearly,


Angie said...

Thanks KEL! U are so missed here! And phone calls just aren't the same!