Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas is going to be tough this Year!

If some of you don't read my husband's blog , you should. He posted a thing about his mom about what all she meant to him! She is very ill and dying very very soon! We aren't sure if she will make it until Christmas or not. For that reason we are not going to MN this year for Christmas. Please Pray for our family.

She is a much loved women. I don't know of a single soul that would speak ill of her! I have been very blessed to have her for a Mother-In-Law!! I could not have had a better MIL! She always made me feel welcome in her home! Always has Chocolate milk for the kids and a 2L if my fave soda! Even in the dead of winter she would have strawberries in her patch for the kids to pick! ;) I wonder how that happened? The only thing we ever disagreed upon was how much sugar the kids "needed" ;) She always wanted them to be happy and have whatever would make them happy. It hurt her heart to hear them cry! She always wanted to make sure they were ok. She will be dearly missed in our family! Her memory will live on in all of us! This is going to be a very hard holiday season for all of us! Especially the kids. Alexis and Mark are both taking this all very hard! They have both broken down several times. Please pray for them especially! Thank you all so much for your prayers in advance!

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Kelly said...

We are praying for all of you. Remember to show the kids how to celebrate her life and not only remember the bad things here at the end. They know that God will be there for them and comfort them in their time of need. Our love is with your family.