Thursday, December 11, 2008

Job Interview!

Well, I thought I would let you all know I had a job interview today! I was informed of this job through Matura here in Creston. It is a Breastfeeding Peer Councilor! The job will consist of an average of 10 hours a week mostly phone calls and such from home. They will provide me with a cell phone. Then I would have to go into the office on Monday AM's to turn in my time card and check e-mail etc! But it seems that this job will fit into my schedule nicely and I like that I can still, for the most part, stay home. Their might be meetings where I have JR watch the kids or need a sitter but it sounds like a very good fit for me. Plus I am very pro-breastfeeding. I should know next week for sure if I can get the job or not. Please pray for the Lord's will in all this. Thanks in advance for any prayers!