Monday, March 10, 2008

Mark's First Speech...He's a natural!

Mark is doing his first speech tomorrow in front of a panel of judges and they will be graded and judged! He is such a natural. We were invited today to watch them do it and prepare them for doing it in front of other ppl. Here is his speech:

Tiptoe By: Karla Kuskin

Yesterday I skipped all day, (he skips in place)
The day before I ran, (he runs in place)
Today I'm going to tiptoe (he tiptoes in place)
Everywhere I can.
I'll tiptoe down the stairway.
I'll tiptoe through the door. (pretends to open a door)
I'll tiptoe to the living room
And give an awful roar (he roars as he says "roar")
And my father, who is reading,
Will jump up from his chair (he jumps)
And mumble something silly like
"I did not see you there." (he mumbles this phrase in a deep voice)
I'll tiptoe to my mother
And give a little cough (as he says cough he coughs)
And when she spins to see me (he spins)
Why, I'll softly tiptoe off. (he tiptoes again)
I'll tiptoe through the meadows,
Over hills and yellow sands
And when my toes get tired
Then I'll tiptoe on my hands. (he wiggles his fingers)

I was so impressed with him! He wasn't even really nervous up there and all the other parents were there too! I think there is a strong possibility we have a preacher on our hands. LOL! Good job lil' man!


Angie said...

He got a Superior from both of the judges! Which is highest marks and he got a 50 which 50-45 was in the superior range!

JerseyNanny said...

Well... he didn't get that from me! I'm soooo bad in a room full of people!

Angie said...

Nice to see you commenting jerseynanny. Funny that you use that name still, silly girl.