Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Spring Break!

Our Pizza Ranch has now added on a new video game room and they have Air Hockey and we all love to play it. So every now and then we take the kids there for Lunch and play games for a while. They use there piggy banks so it is whatever they want to spend they can. Usually about $2 or so each and they are all ready to go. It is good family fun!

Funny thing is Mark beat both me and JR in Air Hockey and we were both really trying!

Ethan got in on the action too. He was in the seat "driving" and going "vroom, vroom"!!! It was so cute!

We all had fun.

We try to go about once a month or so.


Abbi said...

You can come and play air hockey at our house now too. We won't charge you either! :-)

Angie said...