Monday, March 3, 2008

Natural Living Expo

This weekend we took the 4 kids to a Natural Living Expo, we are into Cloth Diapering, Baby wearing, and other "green" things that were represented there.

We had a good time except for one minor mishap. JR took his keys into the place so I didn't want to take my purse and keys in. Anyway JR had to run to the van for something later on and the van key came off his key ring in the van right on the seat. We could see it through the window! And mine were in there too. So needless to say we had to call a locksmith to get us in the van! $37.10 and 30 seconds later we were in our van and on our way! I think that was the most expensive 30 seconds we have ever had.

But other then that our day went really well. We ate at my favorite restaurant, Olive Garden! Kids were very well behaved! We took them to the the mall play place! They had a ball! I found a couple of good deals on things I needed, yet the stores left those dumb tags on them that make it impossible to wear them. GRRR so now I have to wait until I get to DM again to get them off. Frustrating!

All in all it was a very nice day!

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Abbi said...

The Expo sounds like it would have been fun. A day out with family is fun as well!