Sunday, March 30, 2008

Women of Faith weekend

Well I was so looking forward to this past weekend. The conference was great. Max Lucado was there. It was a lot of fun.

BUT... I ended up getting really sick. I still am kinda now. I got the FLU! Friday night I ended up passing out back at the motel room at about 3am! Not a fun weekend at all. I really don't feel like eating anything. I had called JR to let him know what was going on only to find out Mark and Lex had puked as well! G....RATE! We have stains on our carpet now (any clues as to how to get them up?) I hope this doesn't go clear through our family! I hate it when we are all sick... Man I can't wait for winter weather to be over!!!

Other then being sick though the conference was really good. It was nice to spend some time with friends I don't get to see much. I laughed and cried all in the same breath, on several occasions. LOL. I was convicted and encouraged as well.


Katie said...

Sounds like fun

Bob said...

Max Lucados not a woman!

Angie said...

I didn't book him! ;)