Monday, July 21, 2008

Boy's camp!

Well Mark went to boy's camp and came home on Friday! He had a blast! They got to go canoing, fishing, learn how to shoot a gun(but I didn't allow Mark to shoot one), had a big water fight against the staff! And many other things I am sure he didn't tell me about! LOL! He was honorary mention for "camper of the year" which allows him to go free next year if were to have won! That is quite an honor!

Ummmm... what else? Well he came home and just started crying when he walked in the door! I asked him what was wrong, he said nothing, he was just happy to be home! That was so sweet! The kids went running to him when they heard the door open and hollered "MARK"!!!! It was nice homecoming for the first day or so then things got back to normal... fighting and bickering...LOL wouldn't be my life without that.

Oh, when I asked him which week he liked best, Junior(which is bible camp) or Boy's (which is not) he was very quick to answer he, "Junior b/c I like that there was a lot of Bible!" That's my boy! Make Mama proud!

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Bob said...

I miss boy's camp! Actually I miss any camp.