Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Rounds kids are FISH!

It has blown me away how the kids are so much like fish this summer. We have been blessed with enough money to get a pool pass this summer and they have been swimming all the time! Alexis can now back dive and flip off the boards! SHE IS SIX! No floaties!
Mark can swim awesome too, he hasn't got quite as brave as Lex though! Hannah wants to go without floaties too but mommy insists. Ethan will beg and beg to go down the slide! "Ride, ride!" He will say time and time again!

At our pool he can only go down during family hour and same with Hannah! Unless they can swim from the bottom of the slide to the edge by themselves with no floaties then they have to go with a parent or be caught, and that can only happen during family hour which is 6-7pm. Ethan doesn't quite understand that. I am thinking about doing a pool party for JR's B'day too! I think we would have a great time. Kinda depends on the $ situation, too.

These pics were taken at the cub scout pool party on July 5th! They were rewarded for cleaning the park after the 4th celebration!


JerseyNanny said...

I like to think they get is from 4 other Rounds kids who were fish!!! That is so awesome. Nothing rocks more then an entire day at the pool & then coming home and crashing!

JerseyNanny said...

Why don't you ever comment on MY blog!?!?!?! Loser!!! lol. j/k!

Abbi said...

That looks like fun. We haven't been swimming yet this year.