Wednesday, July 9, 2008

NYR here we come!

I am so excited! We fianlly get to go to NYR this year. We haven't went for several years. We found a sitter for the 2 youngest kids and we are taking Mark and Alexis with us! And also maybe our friends daughter too! YAY! Please comment if you are going to NYR or know ppl who are. I would love to know who we might run into!


Katie said...

You will see so many people there you know! Patrick and Corinne usually like to go. I don't know if they are planning on it this year. I bet Sa'rah is going too. I know her family always likes to go. Have fun! Hope camp in Ia was fun too. This is going to make quite a few camps for you this summer!

Bob said...

I wish I could go this year. Hope you have a lot of fun!