Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Fairytale Come True!

Today was a gorgeous day out side but for some strange reason after we already woke the kids up for school, and they were really hard to wake up, they delayed school 2 hours! Whatever!?

Anyway I was wondering in my head, WHY?

Then it dawned on me, God did this to show me that my kids can behave! After their horrible behavior at a cub scout event last night, they blew me away this morning!

The girls played together for 2 whole hours with NO FIGHTING (all the while doing odd jobs as I asked, no qualms)! AMAZING!

Mark practiced his chess for a while then offered to help me with anything I needed! Scratching my head, I asked him to get the vacuum and do the basement (which BTW is a huge open room where our guinea pig resides, which gets very messy with bedding from his cage)! He happily did it and did it well! I am so impressed!

Still in shock I loaded them up and drove them to school! WOW what a morning. I am still scratching my head wondering what is going on with them? Maybe they had a change of heart after everything I really don't know but I love days like this, I hope it continues!

BTW I was so excited too when Ethan comes up to me and holds a little bouncy ball up and says "BALL" plain as day! Then 2 seconds later brings me a book and says "book" very plainly as well! First time I have ever heard him say either of those words! YAY!



All in a Day said...

That's fun when little ones start to talk. Shelly (P.S. Do you remember me? You went out to eat at Bonanza with Mike and me one Winter Retreat. We were both pregnant!)

Angie said...

yes I do vaguely...that was a long time ago when I was pg with my 7yo right?

All in a Day said...

I haven't been able to pin a time to it. I'm sure you left a little boy at home around 3 years old. Would that time out right if my daughter just turned 6 in January?

Angie said...

not sure? I have a 7yo boy, a 6yo girl, a 3yo girl, and a 1yo boy. ? not sure when it would have been? huh?