Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I am doing a cloth diapering & babywearing presentation

My friend Amanda and I are doing a cloth diapering and babywearing presentation for a mom's group we are part of. The cloth diapering is this Thursday so I will let you all know how it went. I am kind of nervous but Amanda is good at stuff like this so that eases my mind a bit. Pray for me.


Katie said...

What is babywear? This sounds like something you sell? And the cloth diapering, is that more then just how to use cloth diapers? Curious

Katie said...

I just noticed your picture to the right, of you guys in the snow. That looks like a lot of work! I noticed that it doesn't look like you are living in that trailer anymore?

Angie said...

No we aren't living in the trailer I could not imagine having 4 kids in a tiny lil trailer! So we bought a 2 story home with a finished basement! I really like all the space. Cloth diapers are so different then they used to be now. The ones I use are just like disposables only they are cloth. You velcrow them shut and that is it they are so different then the old ones you pin and stuff! As far as babywearing that is a verb. You wear your baby. But there are so many different kinds of carriers! One that I love is called a wrap but I don't have any pics of that. If you ever want to check it out look and the links I posted for babywearer.com or diaperswappers.com. They are neat sites! LMK if you check them out.