Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Well today is super Tueasday! Any predictions?

I am thinking today will end up with Billary for the Dumbocrat. (which if she becomes the next pres. I might just have to find a new country to move to...LOL) Honestly though I can not figure out who will end up with the Republican. I wish we could get a Christian man in office! That would be awesome. Our country needs someone who is strong on his principles in there! LMK what your predictions are?

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Abbi said...

We are thinking that it probably would be good if Hillary got the Democratic nomination (though I don't know that she will) because it is almost looking like she would be easier to beat.
I think it is looking pretty sure that McCain will get the Republican nomination. Unfortunatly I have learned things that make me not like him as much as I used to. But at least he has voted 100% pro life which is something!! I also think that he would be very wise at dealing with terrorist threats and the war.