Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This Thursday is our Babywearing Presentation!

It's kinda nice I am not really that nervous about this one! We did a presentation 2 weeks ago and also we have done the babywearing one before so it will be a breeze for me because it makes things a lot easier when you have a passion about something! Babywearing is something I definately have a passion for! I am actually pretty excited about this one! YAY! I will post and let you all know how it went when I am done!


Carrie said...

I have actually never heard of babywaering. What does it involve- as in how do you wear a baby? And what are the benefits?

Angie said...

well thanks for your interest... The benefits are bonding with your baby on a consistant basis! They are secure and know they can trust you. Nothing is better then a mamas touch. There are all sorts of wraps(like they do in India and such) and another kind of carrier called the Mei Tai. Pouches which are perfect for newborns. Ring slings and some other kinds too. You should check out thebabywearer.com there is lots of info on there. I will try to post more about it and such and try to get some pics too. That is the best way to show someone is pics. LMK if you check out the site? or if you have any more questions.

Christy said...

Angie, I 'm enjoying your blog. I realized that you accessed my old blog that I never used. I actually do have a blog I regularly update. It's www.Kent-Christy.blogspot.com
I need to delete the other one. Your kids are precious!