Friday, April 25, 2008

Dance Recitals and Pictures Coming Up!

The whole theme for the Recital is "When I Grow Up". They have pics on this Sunday and Recital is May 30th. YAY! I am nervous for them and excited all at the same time. Lex and Hannah are both in Mighty Movers class which is 2 fold (tap and ballet), the song for ballet is "When I Grow Up" for tap, it's "Sugar Sugar". Alexis' song for Clogging is called "Mud" they will be wearing overalls with patches that match their shirts. Then for pre-tumbling the song is "Yaketty Sax" they are wearing a red leotard. I will post pics of the girls in their dance costumes once I take them.

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Katie said...

Your kids are growing up way to fast. It doesn't seem that long ago, you were pregnant with Mark!