Monday, April 7, 2008

Girl's weekend!

My friend Dana and I, and our two oldest girls went to Des Moines this weekend, spent the night in a motel, went shopping, to Build-a-Bear, and to Chuck E. Cheese's! We all had a blast. We got kicked out of the hot tub, they told us at the front desk when we checked in that there wasn't a closing time on it so we went down there kinda late so there wouldn't be anyone else hopefully. I guess there was a complaint so they came and kicked us out. We weren't being that loud at all. I think I may have got after Lex once or twice but I didn't screem or anything. OH WELL! We still had a great time!

It was nice having the girl time. We try to do special things with each of our kids. They love the one-on-one time! It's good for JR and I too! I think JR was getting a bit jealous of my alone time with them lately though ;) He said to me as I left, "I can't wait to go fishing and get some time with Mark."

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Jennifer said...

That sounds awesome! :) Great!