Friday, April 11, 2008

My Latest Decorating Fun!

It was my friend's daughter's 11th birthday yesterday and we had planned on me making curtains for her but it turned into a whole new overhaul on her room!

She loves Hannah Montana and butterflies so we Incorporated both!

She was so excited as you can see by the photo of her!

Her mom and I painted the letters and frame and then I did it like a scrapbook page for the center of her name!

I made this by using a piece of wood and cloth left from the curtains, some batting, ribbon and tacks! Very simple project and it's nice for them to put clippings in or photos of their friends! I also made 4 throw pillows and a pillow case out of the curtain cloth too!

I was so excited to be part of giving this big girl a big girl room! She had blue's clue's curtains that came down right before this project!

It was so much fun!!!

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Abbi said...

Everything looks very nice. What a fun project!